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“Wearing expensive clothes does not mean you have style.”

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Hey everyone! I (Valerie) would like to create a comprehensive dictionary of nerdfighter terms & language. This list will eventually be included on as part of a sort of ‘orientation’ landing page for new, potential, or confused (because let’s face it, some of our jokes are WEIRD) nerdfighters.
From unique words like “swoodilypooper” and “dooblydoo”, to recurring phrases like “Who the eff is Hank?”, “Stuff on heads”, or “Movie magic!” every nerdfighter-centric term can and should be included!
I’ve created an editable, collaborative google doc that can be used to populate and flesh out the dictionary, which you can find here.
Let’s get this going!
Spring has really arrived and campus is beginning to look a little less dreadful.
Aruba come back🌴 (at under the caribbean sun)




remember swine flu reblog if ur a tru 2009 kid

People were practically drinking hand sanitizer during that shit

awful-feels-softer didn’t drink enough 

:( Poor 2009 Lindsay

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